Community Input

Moreland residents are a significant part of the neighborhood’s vitality and are active partners in its revitalization. Monthly neighborhood drop-ins produce resident-led activities, including a neighborhood block party and a production of the play, “Our Town”. Residents have been key players in arts-related activities and placemaking events including creation of a mural led by Sankofa Fine Arts, a series of artists forums led by Ingenuity Cleveland, and design-related workshops focused on youth and facilitated by Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. They have established neighborhood porch chats, a book club, a gardening group and a walking group, and are currently working on exploring local history, working alongside Cleveland State University’s Cleveland History Project to conduct oral histories of residents.


They are also working with the Cleveland Restoration Society to create an architectural guide and survey of the richly varied housing stock of the neighborhood. As a part of this creative placemaking project, community members and stakeholders were invited to voice their opinions and perspectives to determine the goals and themes that are the basis for this Call for Artists. A community workshop was held in November 2017 and interactive display boards were set up in the Main Library and the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building.

Video clips of residents sharing stories about the neighborhood can be accessed here.




The following is a summary of what we heard from the community:


Gateways and historical markers should:

  • Capture attention immediately;
  • Represent Moreland’s unique character, but still a part of the Shaker Heights family;
  • Create a sense of arrival and desire to return;
  • Highlight the neighborhood’s livability;
  • Embody how we have always been a place that’s evolving.

For residents, a successful project would:

  • Increase interactions between people in public spaces;
  • Strengthen neighborhood pride;
  • Inspire others to do similar things in their neighborhoods;
  • Educate others about the Moreland neighborhood;
  • Remain well -maintained years later.



Here is how residents responded to several specific questions about preferences:


How do you want visitors to describe the Moreland neighborhood? 

How do you want residents to describe the Moreland neighborhood?



How important are these qualities for a future gateway to express the identity of the Moreland neighborhood?

Qualities of Moreland Neighborhood


What should historical markers convey?


Roles of Historic Markers