The goal of this competition is to reimagine what neighborhood gateways and historical markers can be for this historically unique inner ring area.  The Shaker Heights Moreland Call for Artists competition invites artists, designers, and architects to develop innovative and interesting ideas that reflect the community spirit.


The project goals are as follows:

  • Serve as a gateway from one neighborhood to the other;
  • Improve the pedestrian experience;
  • Add interest to the public realm that invites people into the City/neighborhood
  • Develop a concept which is practical and reasonable to implement.




Call for Artists, Designers and Architects


The Call for Artists is open to all artists, architects, landscape architects, design students, and design professionals who wish to participate. The City is looking for a palette of designs that could include public art, structural elements, landscaping, signage, or any landmark feature or element that would help orient people and identify the City and neighborhood entrances.


Innovative gateway and marker concepts, which straddle art and architecture, symbolism and function, should provide new structure to these public spaces. Successful proposals will engender pride of place, embody cultural and social identities, and help to stimulate economic development.


Gateway designs should enhance the entry points to the Moreland neighborhood in a way that creates a sense of arrival for visitors, provides a familiar sense of return for residents and employees, and orients and informs those entering one of the most dynamic and historically rich neighborhoods in Shaker Heights. Historical markers should activate the space and honor the neighborhood’s past and present while potentially incorporating interactive technologies and enhancing green space.



The project organizers ask prospective artists to consider these questions:


  1. How can a gateway or historical marker respond to tradition as well as adapt to the ever-changing cultural and generational demographics?
  2. How can a gateway or historical marker connect and bring together existing communities and create new opportunities for both residents and visitors to experience areas in fresh ways?
  3. How can a gateway or historical marker relate to other similar public art pieces within the City, in the region, and around the world?





Gateways and historical markers serve an important role in defining neighborhood entry points and commemorating significant events, and they should have a strong visible presence in order to capture attention of passing motorists and announce to the greater community that they are in the historic Moreland neighborhood. At each location, the goal is to welcome residents and visitors and communicate that they have arrived at a special place.


Public gateways and markers, in the form of public art, can beautify a neighborhood in a way that is complementary, informative, and reflective of the character of the neighborhood. Each gateway or marker submission can include combinations of design and public space elements, including entrance markers and signage, lighting, furniture and landscaping, wayfinding elements and historical information.


The selected design(s) will be respectful of the neighborhood’s rich historic character; reflective of the diversity represented in its residents and businesses; and provide a distinct identity to one of the city’s neighborhoods.





The City of Shaker Heights is seeking qualified artists and artist teams who have demonstrated success working with budgets of in the five figures; materials suitable for outdoor public settings; site-specific design; project management and collaboration with other artists, design professionals, or community members.


Professional artists, or artist teams, at least 18 years of age are eligible to apply. A professional artist is defined as “A practitioner in the visual arts with an original, self-conceptualized body of work, generally recognized as a professional possessing serious intent and ability.”


Members of the Advisory Committee are not eligible to participate in the competition. No jury member may advise or assist a competitor in any way. If it is determined that a competitor has been helped by any member of the Advisory Committee or a member of the jury, that competitor’s project will be disqualified.



Qualifications of the Artist


  • Does the Artist’s past work show a strong, clear, artistic vision?
  • Does the Artist demonstrate a history of professional competency in project management and construction administration?
  • Does the Artist have a proven history of completing projects of similar scope and scale within a fixed budget and in a timely manner?
  • Does the Artist have experience in partnering with multiple stakeholders?




Artists Responsibilities


  • Conduct site and community research as needed;
  • Consider input and feedback from the public, the City of Shaker Heights, and the City Public Art Committee in design development;
  • Create a detailed design of the proposed artwork and associated plans to be presented for final approval by the City of Shaker Heights Public Art Committee;
    • Such as engineering, lighting design, site details, electrical documents, or fabrication.
  • Fabricate the work, document, manage and oversee all implementation and installation in coordination with the City Public Art Committee and associated City Agencies;
  • Create a maintenance plan and appropriate documentation, including final recommendations for conservation.



Ownership and Copyright


Materials submitted for the competition become the property of the City of Shaker Heights and may be retained for exhibition, publication, and promotion purposes. The City of Shaker Heights reserves the right in its retention of ownership of all competition materials to utilize submissions in any exhibition, publication, or promotion endeavor, and without compensation to the entrants. Each competitor will retain full copyright of all materials submitted unless otherwise stated.