Prizes & Implementation



Winning entries, as judged by the stated evaluation criteria, may be selected for permanent installation, and entrants will be commissioned to work directly with the City of Shaker Heights to implement the design. One or more of the winning entrants may be commissioned. The City of Shaker Heights reserves the right to work with Artist as consultant to make reasonable modifications to proposal, including but not limited to design, budget, and installation location. The City of Shaker Heights reserves the right to offer a commission not associated with this competition, or to offer no commission at all.



Project Budget


The total budget for this project is yet to be determined. Fundraising for implementation will commence once the artist(s)/artistic vision has been selected. The estimated budget for each project proposal should be commensurate with project scope and artist’s demonstrated ability to implement the vision.





A First and Second Place Prize in each category, Neighborhood Markers and Gateways, will be awarded to winning entries.


  • First Place: $500
  • Second Place: $250


Additionally, Ingenuity Cleveland is pleased to sponsor the $500 Innovators Prize for one outstanding entry exhibiting special creativity and impact in either the Neighborhood Markers or Gateways category, raising the maximum prize value in either category to $1,000.


The Innovators Prize may be awarded to a First or Second Place Winner in either category, or to a different entry. Applicants may enter, and be awarded prizes in, one or both categories — Neighborhood Markers and Gateways. All entries will be offered exhibition at Ingenuity and the City of Shaker Heights featured events, which may include the Shaker Makers event in April 2018 and IngenuityFest in September 2018, as well as receiving recognition in online publications.